Refractory Linings in the Power Generation Industry

STEULER-KCH has been offering innovative refractory lining solutions for the power generation industry for over 100 years. We specialise in recovering clean energy from waste and biomass and are your partner of choice when it comes to "waste-to-energy" solutions – in Germany, Europe and around the globe.

Whether it’s for fluidized bed incinerators (e.g. for sewage and industrial sludge) or gasifiers for waste and biomass, boilers or heat exchanges: we offer high-quality refractory materials made from a wide range of high-fired refractory clays and andalusite.

STEULER-KCH offers sophisticated turnkey refractory solutions for plant operators in the power generation industry that include everything from R&D and design engineering, to the in-house manufacture of shaped standard and special shape bricks, right through to installation work.