Kiln Furniture in the Powder Metallurgy Industry

Customers in the powder metallurgy (PM) and the metal powder injection moulding (MIM) industry rely on products from STEULER-KCH. The use of special sintering carriers allows finishing costs for powder metal or injection-moulded sintered components to be minimised. The smoother the sintering carrier (setter plate, perforated plate or firing ring), the smoother the moulded part following heat treatment. STEULER-KCH kiln shelves are precision-manufactured using the dry pressing method and can be ground to a dimensional accuracy of up to 0.03 mm, according to customer requirements. This guarantees that work pieces are fabricated to very close tolerances and minimises the amount of finishing work required. It also contributes to the long-term automation of production lines in the downstream industries.

The materials we use, in particular cordierite and mullite, are characterised by excellent thermal shock resistance. Their properties mean that they can reliably withstand the extreme cooling gradients involved in the sintering process – even after long periods in service. As such, they fulfil one of the most important requirements for achieving short kiln cycle times in conveyor belt furnaces, walking beam furnaces and roller hearth furnaces.

Take advantage of our many years of experience and technical expertise when it comes to developing your sintered components. We can advise you in detail and work with you to develop solutions that minimise your production costs too. The high level of flexibility afforded by our in-house tool-making workshop means we can supply you with the kiln furniture best suited to your needs.

As a plant operator, you also benefit from the close relationships we have with furnace and plant engineering companies. Experts in our research and development departments are familiar with the processes and specific operational requirements of your industry, and this allows them to provide you with innovative and flexible solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs.